We are a company who cares. We care a lot about the children and young adults whom we proudly serve, and we believe it is important and vital to give-back in a meaningful way. We have chosen to do so by working closely with several Children’s Leukemia and childhood cancer organizations.

You won’t find us hosting parties at conferences, sponsoring swag or trying to be the “cool” brand. You will find us installing play-sets for families whose child has been diagnosed with cancer, sponsoring ready bags at hospitals for families that have just received the most devastating news of their lives, donating iPad cases and iPads, allowing children a distraction during their treatments. We hope as we continue to grow that we can make more of an impact for families and children affected by childhood cancers.

One of the charities that we have chosen to partner with closely is Roc Solid Foundation. We are proud to donate our LK Series Backpack as their “Ready Bag” which is given to families on the worst day of their lives… the day they find out their child has cancer. Roc Solid Foundation currently supplies Ready Bags to partner hospitals including major pediatric cancer centers in the USA.

We hope that this is not a reality for any family in your district. Unfortunately should you know of a family in need of support, please share your story with us, we may be able to help.

More information about the Roc Solid Foundation and the great work they do: